Bay Area Dealers and Stores


Although those classic "rock shops" are nearly a thing of the past, thanks at least in part to the internet there remain a fairly large number of mineral sellers based in the Bay Area. Most sell via websites or at local shows (and at more distant shows like Tucson). We've met many of them and they are great people. Check them out!

California Crystal Connection

Based in Oakland, these sellers specialize in California field collecting. Even if you're not looking to buy, their site is a good place to get familiarized with minerals from lesser-known localities in the state. The site also provides a streamlined but exceeding comprehensive listing of known California mineral localities.

California Mineral Connection

Dan Evanich is an accomplished field collector and mineral dealer. He has been selling on EBay for several years (under the name Calminco) and has just recently launched this fine new website.

C T Minerals

Chuck Trantham is another accomplished field collector and mineral dealer, with decades of experience digging specimens from localities in California and elsewhere in the western US. In addition to cabinet and miniature pieces, he is a particularly good source for smaller (e.g. thumbnail) specimens. No website yet, but you'll find his booth at some of the local shows, and he also has a room each year at the Tucson show (at the Clarion).

Earth's Treasures

Rick Kennedy is also an accomplished field collector and dealer. You'll find him at many local gem and mineral shows, and in 2007 he started selling at the InnSuites at the Tucson show. He is very active in local mineral clubs, and is President of the Bay Area Mineralogists. He is extremely knowledgeable about benitoite.

Fraziers Gems and Crystals

Si and Ann Frazier are a good source not only for mineral specimens, but they are also an outstanding source for all mineral-related literature (including old out-of-print items). They don't have a web site yet but they do sell at some local shows and they also have a newsletter. You can contact them at if you'd like to receive their newsletter by e-mail.

Gems Galore

For many years this was the top Peninsula "brick and mortar" shop for lapidary and mineral enthusiasts, located on El Monte just west of El Camino Real, in Mountain View. Sadly, it has gone out of business.

Great Basin Minerals

Scott Kleine is based in Reno, which isn't exactly the Bay Area -- but it is close by, and Scott is very well known to Bay Area collectors. He is a great source for both Nevada and California minerals, and conducts his own digs.

Marin Mineral Company

Mike Keim is a well-known internet dealer based in Larkspur, in Marin County. Mike offers a wide variety of specimens, from miniature to cabinet size.

Mineralogical Research Co.

Based in San Jose, you'll see them at shows around the Bay Area, including the Castro Valley, Santa Clara, Livermore, and San Francisco shows. Great selection of minerals from contemporary sources and old collections.

Opal Traders International

The Skinners' opal offerings can be seen at many local gem and mineral shows, and at Tucson. An excellent source for rough and finished lapidary materials and Australian opal specimens. No website yet.

Steve Perry Gems

Steve is based in Davis, CA. As the name implies, his business focuses on gem minerals, including benitoite.

The Uncarved Block

Pu Tzu Fowler sells high quality minerals and gems. He has a store in Sebastopol and also sells at Tucson and local shows.

Trinity Minerals

John Veevaert hails from Weaverville, CA, which is admittedly a fairly long ways north of the Bay Area. He needs to be included here because he is one of the pre-eminent internet mineral dealers nationwide (both auctions and 'gallery' sales, and has recently begun hosting multi-dealer auctions) and is very well known to Bay Area collectors. Check out his very informative web sites and show reports.

UK Mining Ventures

Although he lives in the Bay Area, Jesse Fisher owns and operates a specimen mine (the Rogerley) in Weardale, England producing outstanding examples of green fluorite which also exhibit brilliant daytime fluorescence. This website is devoted to the mine and offers top quality specimens. Jesse also sometimes sells over the internet through e-rocks, a British multi-dealer and auction site.